Foreign Exchange Rates:
Travelling abroad comes various needs. Right from Visa to the most essential Forex. Trail Blazers Holidays has always eased out travel and Visa for everyone. And now, with Foreign Currency Exchange Service offered by Trail Blazers Holidays, the complicated math of conversions and worries of changing rates is simpler to understand and easy to transact. Forex is a value of one currency stated in terms of another currency. Every international traveller needs exchange the Indian currency exchange rate for currency issued by another country. This is usually done based on the rate of current Forex rate. For example, if you want to convert Indian currency to European currency today, then it will be based on the exchange rate today.

Why Trail Blazers Holidays?
Trail Blazers Holidays brings a simpler process after foreign trip at reasonable exchange rate.

Limit of Personal Forex :

There is a pre-determined limit of how much Personal Forex one can purchase or carry while traveling abroad. The maximum limit of foreign currency for a traveling abroad is USD 250000 per traveller in a single financial year, as per regulations. However, only USD 3000 of that amount can be carried as currency notes – the balance has to be in the form of prepaid forex cards. Enquire about the multiple world currency rate and their exchange rate today, every time you plan to travel. Also note that no foreign exchange is available for visit to Nepal and/or Bhutan for any purpose.

Receiving Forex:

Trail Blazers Holidays only gives Cash Currency to all the guests based on the Indian currency exchange rate or the live currency rates. We do not issue Travellers Cheque or Forex Cards.

Days of issuance of Forex:

After the payment of Indian currency exchange rate done based on the current currency exchange rate the desired foreign currency is received within certain days of issuance. 


Documents required to for buy foreign exchange: 

The documents required to buy foreign currency includes, a valid passport, an airline ticket, your Pan Card, a Form A2 and Residence Permit in case of Foreign Nationals only. This is required for every transaction to be done under Indian currency exchange rate or even world currency rate. Also note that if guest has booked the tour from Veena world then passport and air ticket is not required, as we already have a copy of it.


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